the team

Jennie Avram, BFA, ANSCADgr
Founder and Principal

Jennie AvramJennie is the driving force behind Avram Events Inc. Her boundless creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, wealth of experience, and professionalism have been integral in establishing Avram Events Inc.'s reputation as a company that integrates dynamic and strategic project and event design with seamless management.

Jennie has a solid grounding in the principles of art and design having received both a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Bachelor of Communication Design degree from the NSCAD University in Halifax. After several years freelancing as a designer, she was drawn to the world of event planning and management. Now, more than fifteen years later, Jennie is widely-regarded as a seasoned and accomplished leader in the industry.

Avram EventsAvram Events crew at the CPRS Gala.

Guided by a genuine desire to produce awe-inspiring projects and events, Jennie consistently creates, develops, and implements fresh and insightful plans that deliver measurable results for our clients. She has a keen eye for detail and a remarkable ability to listen carefully to what a client wants, look at a room or a facility and understand intuitively the specific experience that a client desires. With her exceptional organizational skills and the flexibility of a Cirque de Soleil acrobat, Jennie efficiently manages project and event workflows, often within the constraints of tight time-frames. And she does it all with quiet confidence, unwavering calm, a terrific sense of humour, and a stunning selection of dark suits.

Out of the office, Jennie is a dedicated volunteer. She generously donates her time and talents to a number of local and regional organizations ranging from membership on the Board of Directors of Heritage Regina and the Advisory Board of the Bell Barn Society of Indian Head to the Director of Communications and Bylaws of the District of Katepwa Council.


Rose Flaman-Trehas, Associate

Rose Flaman-TrehasRose's keen interest and involvement in events management happened naturally as she very comfortably and confidently took on the planning of events (of all shapes and sizes) within the scope of her various employment positions. Armed with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Regina and a well-established record of providing exceptional service in both government and private organizations, she adds versatility to our team with creative insights, practical solutions and her common sense approach to problem solving.

Rose grew up in a family with 9 siblings. Happily married with three daughters, she has a deep desire to understand and meet the needs of others. A detail guru who is passionate about all aspects of event management, Rose enjoys bringing to life the ideas, concepts and plans that truly engage our clients.

For the past several years, Rose has been a coordinator of the Pure Fashion Program. Designed for teenaged girls, the program focuses on the development of self-confidence and the recognition of their own personal beauty. Her involvement in many volunteer projects fulfills her need to selflessly “give back” to the community.


The Network

Avram Events Inc. is guided by a spirit of collaboration that allows us to capitalize on our strong network of industry professionals. Experts in such areas as entertainment, catering, floral, lighting and sound, illustration and visual design, web design, web programming, and writing, our dynamic professionals add depth to our organization as needed, ensuring outstanding results.

Some members of our professional network include;

In the competitive field of design and illustration, Brent's work stands out. His projects are fresh, relevant, and conceptually strong. And he isn't afraid to throw a little fun into the mix. One of his latest projects is a mural/three-dimensional representation combo more than 250 feet in size (think pop-up book on steroids). Without question, his diverse and wide-ranging work commands attention. An invaluable member of our network, Brent is the creator of Avram Events Inc.'s visual corporate identity and the designer of our website.

Greg is on the leading edge of new trends in online and communications technology. A highly skilled and detail driven media developer, he thrives on challenges. No matter what kind of work comes his way, Greg rides the pressure like a champion surfer (relax, he's got it covered). His many contributions to Avram Events Inc. include the development of our website.