corporate history

Avram Events Inc.

In 1993, Jennie Avram, founder and principal of Station Events Inc., convinced VIA Rail Canada to allow her to transform its historic but abandoned Regina rail station into a special events facility. Guided by Avram's imagination and experience, Union Station, located in the heart of the city, became the community's most elegant venue for hosting banquets, receptions, film and fashion shoots, conferences, and concerts. In the process, Station Events Inc. built a solid reputation for exceptional event design and service excellence.

Avram's innovational spirit, commercial success, and sense of community quickly gained attention, both nationally and locally. In 1994, the Business Development Bank of Canada presented her with the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Saskatchewan. Shortly thereafter, the City of Regina honoured Avram with its Municipal Heritage Award in recognition of her ability to create a contemporary events facility within Union Station while managing to preserve the unique and historic character of the building.

VIA Rail Canada's sale of Union Station to the Government of Saskatchewan in 1995 hastened the relocation of Station Events Inc.'s offices. At the same time, it provided the company with the opportunity to expand its service offerings beyond special events planning to include communications, media relations, marketing, and business alliance campaigns.

In the years that followed, Station Events Inc. continued to flourish. Its client base grew to include such organizations as AT&T Canada, the Canadian Olympic Association, Canadian Western Agribition, IPSCO Inc., the City of Regina, the University of Regina, Credit Union Central, the Regina Symphony Orchestra, Globe Theatre, and the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

In 2008, Avram re-branded Station Events Inc. to become Avram Events Inc. After more than 15 years of pioneering innovative concepts, integrating dynamic and strategic design with seamless management, and developing strong client relationships, Avram's company has earned its position as an industry leader. Its new branding distinguishes Avram Events Inc. in the market place as a creative, energetic, and progressive company that consistently surpasses its high standards in the design and production of outstanding special events and public relations projects: regionally, nationally, and internationally.