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Case #2

PROJECT: Building Our Communities Conference
CLIENT: Communities of Tomorrow

“...they modelled the practice of a sustainable city."

Conferences require smart thinking, creativity, and marketing savvy to captivate the minds and hearts of delegates the moment they pick up their conference brochures. This means understanding the client’s needs, researching the conference themes, and presenting information to conference delegates in a friendly and accessible format.

In 2005, our company, operating under its original name of Station Events Inc., teamed up with the Great Excursions Company and the Communities of Tomorrow organization to produce a first for Regina: a national conference on community sustainability.

In preparation for the conference, we conducted extensive research with respect to community sustainability, identified themes and topics for the sessions, and assembled an exciting line-up of highly regarded North American presenters. In addition, we wrote the conference brochure and were solely responsible for the development, production, and selling of the conference sponsorship packages.

The Building Our Communities Conference provided the opportunity for both speakers and audience members to explore innovative options for urban development and community sustainability. Discussions, initiated by the presentations, were lively and thought-provoking. To encourage and accommodate such discourse, the structure and organization of the conference also had to be imaginative. We were instrumental in transforming the conference venue into a one of a kind environment that not only inspired thinking but provided the best usable space for our creative programming.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was a partner in the delivery of the conference. Their role was to further advance the national discussion of conference topics through their CBC radio agenda. Several excellent interviews with our presenters were aired provincially and nationally throughout the course of the conference. Parts of the conference were recorded for post-conference broadcasting and web streaming by the CBC. All of this served to put the Communities of Tomorrow organization on the international sustainability map.

“Station Events Inc.* understood the theme of the conference and helped us to integrate that theme throughout the conference in ways we hadn’t considered. One of our conference attendees stated it best with his comment, 'Thank you to Station Events for all of the thoughtful ways they modelled the practice of a sustainable city.' "

Anne Parker
Executive Director (former)
Communities of Tomorrow

*Station Events Inc. was re-branded as Avram Events Inc. in 2008.