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Case #1

PROJECT: IPSCO Inc. 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinners

“...a signature event in the history of the IPSCO Company."

In the spring of 2006, we were contacted by IPSCO to begin discussions regarding the company's 50th anniversary celebration. The company was eager to create an exceptional evening event that would truly mark this significant milestone in their history as a multinational steel giant. We were given a timeline of six weeks.

IPSCO was in charge of the logistics of the evening. They had published a history of the company, titled Against All Odds, and were producing a documentary video as part of their celebration. We were consulted with respect to the company's overall plans for their anniversary celebration but our primary focus was to produce the “show" portion of the evening.

As always, we began the planning process by meeting with representatives from the company. Asking pertinent questions to understand their vision, we began to develop a feel for the event. We were able to provide some “on the spot” ideas that garnered immediate interest. Back at our offices, we carefully crafted three separate agendas for the evening, providing different approaches for their consideration. The final program agenda evolved out of further meetings and discussions. We didn’t stop until we knew we had the right feel, the right recipe for success.

The anniversary dinner was more successful than the company imagined. The rave reviews received by Corporate Executives following the event left the company wanting more. With its American corporate headquarters also planning anniversary dinners, IPSCO made a quick decision to take our production on the road and deliver the same event in their Mobile, Alabama and Montpelier, Iowa locations. In order to recreate the success of the company's Regina anniversary celebration, we immediately made connections with key talent and suppliers in each American location, designed plans to adapt the event to suit each location's facility, and created new elements unique to each community.

IPSCO was extremely pleased with the end results. Not only did they successfully celebrate their 50-year history but they forged greater relationships with their customers and suppliers through these unique events.

"Jennie Avram was the producer of the finest evening of entertainment ever held at IPSCO’s Turvey Centre in its 50 years of existence, producing a signature event in the history of the IPSCO Company."

"Jennie is able to listen carefully to what a client wants, look at a room or a facility and understand intuitively the specific experience that a client desires."

"Undertaking the three gala events for IPSCO in the manner we did was a major undertaking for our Company. They all succeeded, more than any other reason, because of the work and commitment of Ms. Avram."

John Comrie, Q.C.
Director, Trade Policy and Communications