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Avram Events Inc was the event partner for the first ever Gold Medal Plates event in Regina. In just five weeks this team pulled off the monumental task of delivering an absolutely stellar, awe inspiring event that was one of the most successful in the country. This gold medal team, under tremendous pressure, remained professional and confident at all times and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

CJ Katz


“Avram Events is the most professional and talented event manager I have encountered in 15 years of communications. I was especially impressed by the knowledge and foresight brought to the initial planning phase. There is nothing Jennie hasn't already thought of, and her unflappable, upbeat attitude prevails from start to finish—no matter how many hours she's already put in. The Avram Events team was a pleasure to work with: before, during and after our event.”

Penny Eaton, Eaton & Associates


“If you need an event planner that can implement your vision, manage the tiniest of details and provide you with fresh ideas, I highly recommend Jennie and her team at Avram Events.”

Kerry Fraser, Manager of Communications and Partnerships, CBC


“Jennie, it was great to have you with us! Thank you for your ideas, writing, support, flexibility and for ‘being there for us when we really needed it.’ I truly appreciate the value you brought to the event. It was comforting knowing that you were with us during the crucial times.”

Hiedi Pearson Manager,
YES Team
Your Employee Service
Harvard Developments Inc.
Harvard Property Management Inc.


“Jennie Avram was the producer of the finest evening of entertainment ever held at IPSCO’s Turvey Centre in its 50 years of existence, producing a signature event in the history of the IPSCO Company.”

“Jennie is able to listen carefully to what a client wants, look at a room or a facility and
understand intuitively the specific experience that a client desires.”

“Undertaking the three gala events for IPSCO in the manner we did was a major undertaking for our Company. They all succeeded, more than any other reason, because of the work and commitment of Ms. Avram.”

John Comrie, Q.C.
Director, Trade Policy and Communications


“Jennie, a true pleasure to work with you. Thanks so much for your professionalism and your patience. The division you manage faced some big challenges this year and you graciously took it and made it a huge success. Great Job.”

Jason R. Pollock, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
and General Manager
Canadian Western Agribition


“This hardworking company provided outstanding service on a project in 2005, exceeding my expectations with the events that were created. I was impressed by the company’s innovative ideas, attention to detail, quality of service and the wealth of past experience they brought to the table.”

Valerie Sluth, MBA, CMC
Sluth & Associates Management Consulting Services


“Station Events Inc.* understood the theme of the conference and helped us to integrate that theme throughout the conference in ways we hadn’t considered. One of our conference attendees stated it best with his comment, ‘Thank you to Station Events for all of the thoughtful ways they modeled the practice of a sustainable city.’ ”

Anne Parker
Executive Director (former)
Communities of Tomorrow

*Station Events Inc. was re-branded as Avram Events Inc. in 2008.


“A great deal of the success of the retirement dinner for Dr. David Barnard was due to your skills in transforming a normally dull room into an aesthetic setting and all of the work around the sound and lighting. I received many, many compliments.

As well, the detailed attention to tickets and planning of the program did not go unnoticed.

Jennie, I appreciated the way you gently led me down paths I was reluctant to take. The comment I heard over and over again was that the bar has been raised for events in Regina. You were instrumental in making that happen.”

Bonnie Skinner
Administrative Assistant (former)
President and Vice-Chancellor’s Office
University of Regina


“In all instances, the level of service delivered by Station Events Inc.* and Jennie Avram was in the best traditions of Agribition and to a standard that has been unsurpassed in the 35 year history of our show.”

Leon Brin
General Manager (former)
Canadian Western Agribition

*Station Events Inc. was re-branded as Avram Events Inc. in 2008.